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About the Artist

Before moving to Madison, Wisconsin I lived in 11 states.  After getting a BS in nursing from Boston University, I immediately started taking every available art class both college and private. Working in numerous other mediums for 19 years, I discovered and fell in love with watercolors. Watercolor is a medium that’s just as beautiful three inches away as it is across the room. Inspired by both past and contemporary artists, I have been driven to push myself further and further in this wonderful medium. So while this romance may ask a lot of me sometimes, it is a challenge I enjoy facing every time I pick up the brush.

          My paintings have won numerous awards and have been juried into many exhibitions including the prestigious American Watercolor Society and Watercolor West. I have achieved signature membership in the National Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society Of America, Northwest Watercolor Society, Louisiana Watercolor Society, and Wisconsin Watercolor Society. Other memberships include: professional status in Wisconsin Visual Artists, Madison Watercolor Society, AWOL (Artistic Women On Location).

         The Artist’s Magazine selected me as “Ones To Watch” in December 2013. It was such an honor to have my painted selected as February for the Artist’s Magazine’s 2012 Calendar. I was excited to be chosen as a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine’s 27th and 28th Annual Art Competition. I was extremely honored also to be one of the 2010 featured artists in Chris Beck’s terrific blog ”Brush,Paper,Water”. The Northlight Books “Splash 12” and “Splash 16” include one of my paintings. My paintings have also been included in the books “Pouring Transparent Watercolors” by Jean Grastorf and “The Artistic Touch 4” And “The Artistic Touch 5” by Chris Urwin. I was the feature artist for the WHA- Wisconsin Public Television Art Auction in 2005.